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The Fairview - West Park Rotary Club Newsletter Newsletter Subtitle
April 2006

Dear Robert,

Please help us welcome our newest members, Heather Coon, Donna Van Rooy and Gregg 'GW' Radke. Our club continues to get bigger and better all the time !

in this issue
  • Calendar of Events
  • Cleveland Indians Ball Game
  • Dictionaries for Third Graders
  • New Orleans Clean Up
  • Interact Club at St. Joseph's Academy

  • Cleveland Indians Ball Game

    May 19, 2006 Evening game, start at 7:05pm. We have purchased 65 tickets at half price and as a club we plan to sell them at full price, $18 each. Children under 13, will pay $9 each. This fund raiser will bring in approximately $400 to $500 dollars. Since Summer Fest in Fairview has been cancelled, please participate and do your part with this fund raiser. Any ideas on other fund raiser would be appreciated.

    Dictionaries for Third Graders

    Our current project, to provide all Fairview Park third grade students with their own dictionary was finalized last week and was met with great appreciation by the three school principals, teachers and students. There were 20 students at Messiah Lutheran, 60 at St. Angelas and 120 at Garnet public school. Rotarians who helped at the schools were Amy Jamieson-Petonic, Dr. Steve Fitz, Dick Robinson, Joe Kazimer, Mark Miller and George Newman. It was great fun, the kids were enthusiastic, and we hope to incorporate the Cleveland schools in our district in the future.

    New Orleans Clean Up

    Dan Fronczak and George Newman will be going down to New Orleans with a group sponsored by the Lutheran Church. They will leave on April 17th and spend a week there. Our club is providing $650 in financial aid.

    Interact Club at St. Joseph's Academy

    Bob Leusch is working on starting in interact club at St. Jo's where his daughter is a student.

    Hopefully this will take effect in the fall.

    Calendar of Events

    2005-2006 Officers

    George Newman

    President Elect
    Steve Fitz

    Dick Robinson

    Amy Jamieson-Petonic

    Joe Kazimer

    Past President
    Dan Fronczak

    Calendar of Events

    April 4, 2006
    Doug Blackburn, Lakewood- Rocky River Rotary Club will speak on Student Exchange, a board meeting will follow.

    April 11, 2006
    Brion E. Deitch, Superintendent of Fairview Park School System

    April 18, 2006
    no speaker, Investment Club

    Keep this date open!!

    June 14th, 2006
    Rotary Golf Outing
    Bob-O-Links in Avon.

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